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Black Friday Sale @

Sew Many Colors is excited to announce our Thanksgiving Sales for 2009!!! We are a Family run Business specializing in Hand Made Wearable Art. We are your #1 resource for EVERTHING Tie-Dyed offering over 20,000 choices in 100% Cotton, Hemp and even Bamboo materials. We also sell Patchwork clothes for the Whole Family, imported crafts through fair trade, hand-crafted glass, and our very own 420 Corner offering everything from Marijuana Books and Clothes, to huge Pot Leaf Tapestries.

With the economy being well…ummm…not so good (the nice way of putting it LOL), we REALLY wanted to offer our customers a great deal this Holiday Season!! We wanted to make your shopping fun this year with GREAT savings so you can give your loved ones a truly special, one of a kind, and yet still affordable gift.

Our 4day Sale will begin Thurs. Thanksgiving Day 11/26—Sun. 11/29

Each day we will have a new CODE that will save you up to 50% on your entire order*

Please check our website @ to see the new savings CODE for each day!!!

So for the hippies in your life, please check out our site @ and REALLY make someones year!!

Register your e-mail address with us @ and we will e-mail you all 4 CODES!!!

*does not include shipping/tax charges; 50% on thanksgiving day, 30% on Fri, 20% on Sat, 10% on Sun


Crazy Coupon Sale!!!!


                                             Free Tie Dye — Crazy Coupon — Sale

 Spend $50 Receive $5 FREE  Spend $100 Receive $15 FREE  Spend $150 Receive $25 FREE      

           CODE: HIPPIES                         CODE: TIEDYE                            CODE: COLOR

Welcome to!  We’re a Professional Hippie family offering over 20,000 items from tie-dye shirts, socks, dresses, skirts, bags, purses, & tapestries, to My Little Pony, Care Bear, Strawberry Shortcake & vintage Rainbow Brite Patchwork adult & children’s clothes, toys & blankets.  We hand Tie Dye, Sew, Create Jewelry, & Mine many of our own Crystals.  We began our business selling in Grateful Dead, Phish, Widespread panic, String Cheese Incident & Rat Dog parking lots.  Now our handmade tie dyed products can be found on-line, in Mall Stores, on Haight Ashbury St. & at Hippy Festivals all over the nation, from New York to California.  We even sell at the Seattle Hemp Festival.  Our site is your one stop Head Shop.  We’re offering you Tens of Thousands of choices & will always be adding new products like Rock ‘n’ Roll Shirts & Memorabilia, Hemp Clothing, Rolling Papers, Blown Glass by local artists, New TieDye & Patchwork Clothes etc.  So check back often!  We have a 420 corner where you can find our selection of marijuana tiedyes with a pot leaf tiedyed right onto the 100% Organic Cotton material & other trippy headshop hemp products.  We even have a Guatemalan area with hand-made items from Mayan Indians like hacky sacks & friendship bracelets, imported through Fair Trade.  Our family appreciates all your support.  Feel free to contact us for any reason.  Thanks for Shopping & have a Grateful Day!

We have chosen a WINNER for our Contest!!

















How can treat their costumers this way???

Ok I REALLY need to VENT!! First let me say how much i enjoy shopping on-line. It’s combines the fun of window shopping with the gift opening of christmas or a birthday, it’s just great!! With that said it is still scary to pay for an item then hope the other end does their part. You worry about mail mishaps etc. but to have to deal with people who JUST STEAL YOUR MONEY is just too much for me!!

First a little back story…My son was born Dec 20th 2006 so we have a lot going on that week 🙂 We recently moved to a small town who’s biggest store is Wal-Mart, so to get the gifts I really wanted this year it came down to driving an hour and half, battling other crazy shoppers, hoping those gifts are still on the shelves, all with an almost 2yr old along for the ride, sounds like a WORLD of fun!! Or stay at home, wrapped up in my SUPER COMFY electric blanky and shop from my computer, as my toddler calmly watches cartoons and eats cereal. The choice was easy, but to make sure everything arrived on time (even giving extra time for mishaps!!) I started to order birthday and christmas gifts on the 1st of DEC, plenty of time right, wrong!!

This year was the first year that i bought MOST of our gifts online, but i have bought many other items in the past. I purchased from 3 web sites, including Koles, e-Bay, and Kloes was the best, everything arrived on time in good condition. There were some mishaps w/ e-bay but it was the stupid USPS’s fault and My son’s bedding took 17days to arrive!! but got here the day before his b-day (it was a big boy birthday gift) The shipper was super nice and truly upset with the post office, as i was 🙂 but this brings us to….errrrr…They were the first order i made on the 1st of Dec so i never thought i would have a problem with this order but i have yet to receive my items or a refund!! On Dec 1st i ordered a Max and Ruby Board Book from who was selling it through BigRockMedia (another online company you SHOULD NOT BUY FROM!!) The next day I ordered another book through but from another sub seller. When i ordered the second book it said IN STOCK but when i started wondering where it was (about 2 weeks later) the website now said BACK ORDERED!! WHAT!! NO NO NO!! I would have NEVER ordered a gift that was on back order, you never know when it will arrive!! but the real kicker was the other book, from BigRockMedia. It said it was mailed on the 9th, ok great, where was it then?? I e-mailed both and BigRockMedia and received canned response emails from both, but that is where their help ENDS!! I e-mailed BigRockMedia SEVERAL times inquiring about my order without one real response!! THEY NEVER EVER GOT BACK TO ME!! I had to e-mail several times before receiving there phone number (they even made specifically ask for it!) So once i had a real person to talk to they said “oh sure fine, we will cancel your order for the back-ordered book and you will see the credit on your statement in the next week, but you will have to call BigRockMedia to deal with that order” ok fine, just one more call right, WRONG!! The number that supplied me with was an answering machine from BigRockMedia that said ‘because we want to keep cost down we don’t offer live customer service and you can leave a message if you want, but this machine is not regularly checked so they don’t know when, or if ever, you will be called back” WONDERFUL!! So i call back and told them about the really great message i just listened to, and wondered what they were going to do for me since i paid THEM, not BigRockMedia?? So they said they will have to send this case to their specialists (what ever the hell that means!!) This was back on the 3rd on Jan (and over a MONTH since my order!!)

I have been having hubby check the statement and no money yet from so today I call AGAIN. tells me that there was some computer error with the back ordered order refund, and now that case is going to have to go to a specialist too, and the other case is still at the specialist, WHAT!! What the hell does that mean, ‘at the specialist!!’ and why if there was an error on the refund, why was i not notified!! Are they just going to keep my money and hope i don’t keep calling???? OMG OMG OMG!!! So needless to say i’m pretty upset at this point. The lady on the phone is no help, they have been jerking me along for over a month and to top it off my kid NEVER got his gifts!! So i start to cry a little, not a lot, not sobbing where you can understand me, but i was upset. And can you believe the little bitch on the other end actually says “are you crying??” and not nice like oh are you ok, but mean, like are you ACTUALLY crying over this?… How Mean!! So i said YES I”M CRYING!! and explained everything i had to go though, and how I really felt like i was being scammed first from BigRockMedia and now!! I asked why i didn’t receive my first refund and there was no answer to be had!! She just told be i needed to wait a few days for an email from them, saying what, she couldn’t tell me cuz that wasn’t her department, and she couldn’t transfer me either, she was customer service and that is the only branch that will talk to customers…so i ask the lady about BigRockMedia and that refund, she says her computer shows they put in a request for a cancellation of that ordered and have not received an answer yet…What!! It’s been weeks!! So not only will BigRockMedia ignore me but they are ignoring too and doesn’t care to call me? What, just another hope i will forget and stop calling?? THAT’S STEALING!!
So this is where i stand today, no books, no money and no answers. All i have left is my VOICE and i will not be silenced!! I want EVERY PERSON to understand the shoty business practices of both BIGROCKMEDIA and BUY.COM!!!


If you were able to make it through this winded rant then Congrats!! and if you feel PEOPLE should be aware of these scammers then PLEASE RE-POST!! We have to keep these businesses in check or they will just keep on stealing from you and me!! With all that said let me add, I still love to shop on-line!! I will just NEVER SHOP BUY.COM OR BIGROCKMEDIA Ever Ever Ever Again!! I guess we will have to go through the credit card company and just bypass Thanks and have a grateful day!!

FREE Tie Dye Give Away!!!!

Sign Our Guest Book To Be Entered In Our FREE TIE DYE Contest: FREE TIE DYE GUEST BOOK CONTEST! Every Guest to Sign our Guest Book between Dec 31th & Jan 31st will be entered ONE TIME in our FREE TIE DYE Contest. This is our Warm Winter Contest for 1 Long Sleeve 100%Cotton TieDye T-Shirt size S-XL. Here is the link for patterns The Winner will be picked at randmon and contacted by the e-mail submitted to the Guest Book to choose their pattern. The winner will also be posted on our site under Customer Gallery at the Footer. Good Luck!!

!!Here is a Link to our WebSite where you can SIGN the Guest Book!!

Sign To Win!!!!! Click on the link to enter our store for over 20,000 Products!!!

2009 Spring Dead Tour Is Here!!!

So here it is Hippies, a link to our Blog and the Show Dates and Locations!! and for those of us on the West Coast…what gives!!! 2 SHOWS, count them! Beggers can’t be choosers though and who knows maybe we will see some East Coast Shows this year! The Line up will be The Core Four: Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, joined by guitar monster Warren Haynes and RatDog keyboard ace Jeff Chimenti (both veterans of the 2004 Dead “Wave That Flag” tour). Damnit no Kenny Brooks Sax Player! And we will miss that crazy Drummer kid from RatDog Jay Lane, with his shroom jokes on stage! will Miss You Guys!!

Remember To Sign our Guest Book before Jan 31st for a chance to win a Tie Dye Long Sleeve Shirt. The winner will be contacted by e-mail to choose pattern. GOOD LUCK!!

Hope to see all of our Good Friends on Tour!! Skyler is excited to dance with some other babies so all you Families out there bring your little ones along! Happy New Year to you all!!

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